What should I wear for my portrait sitting?

Our eyes are naturally drawn to the brightest part of an image. So in a normal setting wearing darker clothing not necessarily black will focus our eyes on the subjects face. Wearing bright colored clothing will draw the attention away from you the subject. Darker clothing also has the added benefit of slimming your appearance. Sleeveless tops can also draw attention away from the face. Avoid patterns like stripes and polka dots they are very distracting. Texture on the other hand is fine it adds a richness to the portrait. A dark to mid-tone jacket or blouse with a textured surface is great it give our eyes something to see with out pulling away too much attention. As far as colors go the more muted the better for the same reason as being too bright. Loud and very saturated colors will steal away all the attention as well.


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For High Key images on white backgrounds or outside in the sunlight you can forget what I said about not wearing light colors. White shirts and blue jeans are a casual classic combination especially in family groups. Light colored pastels are also great as long as they are matching in group shots,

High Key Portrait


Now if you have something very specific in mind like a period piece with costume clothing and unique backgrounds then pretty much anything goes but than a good deal more planning and coordination needs done ahead of time. Do we go on location or can we composite multiple images. These can be the most fun and satisfying portraits to have.

Composited Images


Will my images be professionally retouched?

Yes I personally retouch all final images. I am an ACE Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Photoshop. I have over 20 years of experience working on a wide variety of subjects from Victoria Secrets’s models to CEO’s and everything in-between. I will make you look your best and still be very natural looking. You don’t want people to look at your image and say nice retouching job. You want to look like you just the best version of you as if you had the best night of sleep ever.

Here is the retouching that is included in your final images. Blemishes are removed blotchy discolored skin is evened out. Under eye bags and wrinkles can be reduced if that is what you like. Stray hairs are cleaned up any strange or unnatural bumps in hair or clothing can be reshaped. Red eyes and discolored teeth will be cleaned up as well. Reflections in eye glasses can almost always be taken out or greatly reduced. Clothing tags can be taken out if you are planning on returning them I won’t tell I promise.

Any additional creative retouching beyond those listed above is an additional cost to you. I am happy to quote you a price on a variety options available such as color changes as in clothing, body contouring, compositing different images into one and any special effects.


Do you work with a hair and makeup artist?

Yes I work with several makeup and hair artists but this is an additional charge. And you are are always welcome to do your own or bring some with to do it for you as well.

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